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SubjectRe: [RFC] Linux Kernel Subversion Howto

Hi, Stelian!
One thing everyone creating kernel patches with subversion
must be aware of, is the fact that the subversion built-in diff command does
not understand the gnu diff -p flag (or indeed, any gnu diff flags at all,
with the exception of -u, which is the default anyway).

Thus you must use an external diff command to create kernel patches,
passing the -up flags to gnu diff, otherwise the patch is much less readable.
There are two good ways to do this that I know of:

1. Remember to always generate patches with:
svn diff --diff-cmd=/usr/bin/diff -x -up

2. Make subversion use gnu diff -up by defult to generate patches.

To do this, create a script that runs diff -up, passing any additional
parameters exactly as they are:

cat > /usr/bin/svndiff << EOF


chmod +x /usr/bin/svndiff

And set it as the default diff command in subversion:

cat >> ~/.subversion/config << EOF

diff-cmd = /usr/bin/svndiff


Tested with subversion 1.1.3.

MST - Michael S. Tsirkin
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