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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2.6.11-rc2 0/29] ide: driver updates
On Mer, 2005-02-02 at 08:31, Jeff Garzik wrote:
> > Merges drivers/ide/pci/*.h files into their corresponding *.c
> > files. Rationales are
> > 1. There's no reason to separate pci drivers into header and
> > body. No header file is shared and they're simple enough.
> > 2. struct pde_pci_device_t *_chipsets[] are _defined_ in the
> > header files. That isn't the custom and there's no good
> > reason to do differently in these drivers.
> > 3. Tracking changelogs shows that the bugs fixed by 00 and 01
> > are introduced during mass-updating ide pci drivers by
> > forgetting to update *.h files.
> Personally, I agree. However, I would ask Alan for his rationale before
> applying this...

Historically they were split so they stayed split. SCSI has mostly (c/o
hch) switched away from that and it seems sensible for IDE to do so.

> > 07_ide_reg_valid_t_endian_fix.patch
> >
> > ide_reg_valid_t contains bitfield flags but doesn't reverse
> > bit orders using __*_ENDIAN_BITFIELD macros. And constants
> > for ide_reg_valid_t, IDE_{TASKFILE|HOB}_STD_{IN|OUT}_FLAGS,
> > are defined as byte values which are correct only on
> > little-endian machines. This patch defines reversed constants
> > and .h byte union structure to make things correct on big
> > endian machines. The only code which uses above macros is in
> > flagged_taskfile() and the code is currently unused, so this
> > patch doesn't change any behavior. (The code will get used in
> > later patches.)
> doesn't this "fix" change behavior on existing big endian machines?

My question too, remember that there is I/O byte order swizzling afoot
the I/O macros.

Generally looks good IMHO.

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