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SubjectRe: [patch, 2.6.11-rc2] sched: RLIMIT_RT_CPU_RATIO feature
Paul Davis wrote:
> There are several kernel-side attributes that would make JACK better from
> my perspective:
> * better ways to acquire and release RT scheduling

I'm no expert on the topic but it would seem to me that the mechanisms
associated with the capable() function are intended to provide a
consistent and extensible interface to the control of privileged
operations with possible finer grained control than "root 'yes' and
everybody else 'no'". Maybe the way to solve this problem is to modify
the interpretation of capable(CAP_SYS_NICE) so that it returns true when
invoked by a task setuid to a nominated uid in addition to zero?

By default, this additional uid would be set to zero (i.e. not change to
current capabilities) but a mechanism to allow a suitable privileged
user to change it could be provided. Programs which the sysadmin wishes
to be allowed to acquire RT scheduling even when used by ordinary users
could be setuid to this "RT user". If the account for the "RT user" was
properly configured (e.g. not allowed to log in, no home directory,
etc.) then the damage that could be done by tasks run as setuid "RT
user" would be limited.

PS Maybe SELinux already provides this functionality or something better?
Peter Williams

"Learning, n. The kind of ignorance distinguishing the studious."
-- Ambrose Bierce
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