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SubjectRe: swapper: page allocation failure. order:1, mode:0x20
We've seen these, by adding the following tueables resolved the problem. 
More specifically, the lower zone protection made the difference.

vm.max_map_count = 32668
vm.min_free_kbytes = 10000

Bernd Schubert wrote:
> Oh no, not this page allocation problems again. In summer I already pos=
> ted
> problems with page allocation errors with 2.6.7, but to me it seemed th=
> at
> nobody cared. That time we got those problems every morning during the =
> cron
> jobs and our main file server always completely crashed.
> This time its our cluster master system and first happend after an upti=
> me
> of 89 days, kernel is 2.6.9. Besides of those messages, the system stil=
> l
> seems to run stable
> I really beg for help here, so please please please help me solving thi=
> s
> probem. What can I do to solve it?
> First a (dumb) question, what does 'page allocation failure' really m=
> ean?
> Is it some out of memory case?
> Thanks a lot in advance for any help,
> Bernd

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