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    SubjectRe: ext3 bug
    Jean-Marc Valin wrote:

    >Le lundi 28 février 2005 à 08:31 -0700, jmerkey a écrit :
    >>I see this problem infrequently on systems that have low memory
    >>conditions and
    >>with heavy swapping. I have not seen it on 2.6.9 but I have seen it
    >>on 2.6.10.
    >My machine has 1 GB RAM and I wasn't using much of it at that time (2GB
    >free on the swap), so I doubt that's the problem in my case.
    > Jean-Marc
    Running the ext2 recover program seems to trigger some good bugs in
    2.6.10 with ext3 -- try it. I was doing this
    to test some disk tools and I managed to cause these errors with forcing
    ext2 recovery from an ext3 fs (which is
    probably something to be expected. The recover tools need to get
    syncrhonized -- have not tried with
    mc yet.) Doesn't happen every time though.


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