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SubjectRe: Bootsplash for 2.6.11-rc4

> > Yes, I agree, almost anything is more sane than code I posted :-(. My
> > only requirement is that it works with radeonfb and similar low-level
> > drivers (so that I can get suspend-to-ram to work) and that it gets
> > past our branding people...
> I don't know about the branding people, but suspend-to-ram and radeonfb
> shouldn't be a problem for fbsplash :)
> > How many distros do use some variant of bootsplash? SuSE does, from
> > above url I guess gentoo does, too... Does RedHat do something
> > similar? [Or do they just set log-level to very high giving them clean
> > look?] What about Debian?
> As far as I know: SuSE uses bootsplash, Gentoo and PLD use fbsplash,
> RedHat uses rhgb (100% userspace solution, based on xvesa, doesn't
> provide graphical backgrounds on vt's - for that a kernel patch like
> bootsplash or fbsplash is necessary). I don't know about Debian - they
> probably have some (possibly unofficial) support for both bootsplash
> and fbsplash.

Well, I like rhgb the best (because it is 100% userspace and I do not
have to deal with it :-), but it seems like bootsplash should be
deprecated in favor of fbsplash.
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