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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Properly share process and session keyrings with CLONE_THREAD

    On Sat, 26 Feb 2005, David Howells wrote:
    > There's a per-thread keyring available too; and that is strictly per thread.

    Ahh, I'd forgotten about that. Yeah, as long as the per-thread thing is
    still there, I guess I'm ok with it (what I _really_ don't want to lose is
    the ability to have independent threads - threaded servers using
    per-request keys etc, and that's my main gripe with the stupid POSIX
    threading model: it takes away per-thread data).

    Can you not do the "thread_group_lock()" thing, though? I hate hiding
    locks in "helper functions". You search for the lock, and now you've
    hidden that "siglock" usage away and made it very different from all the
    other siglock usage. You've also hidden the fact that it accesses
    "current->signal" (while not hiding it would mean that the code would
    likely be more cleanly done as

    struct sighand *grp = current->sighand;

    .. access group keys ..

    Also, you have "current->thread_group" in there:

    + key_check(current->thread_group->session_keyring);
    + key_check(current->thread_group->process_keyring);

    which seems to have gotten through only because your key debug stuff is


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