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SubjectRe: [Lse-tech] Re: A common layer for Accounting packages
Sorry for this late reply.

>> [1] Is it necessary 'fork/exec/exit' event handling framework ?
>> Some process-aggregation model have own philosophy and implemantation,
>> so it's hard to integrate. Thus, I think that common 'fork/exec/exit'
>> event handling
>> framework to implement any kinds of process-aggregation.
> BSD needs an exit hook and ELSA needs a fork hook. I am still
> evaluating whether CSA can use the ELSA module. If CSA can use the
> ELSA module, CSA maybe would be fine with the fork hook.

If CSA can use an ELSA module, then we must modify the kernel-tree
for ELSA's fork-connecter. This means it's hard to implement the fork/exec/exit
event notification to userspace (,or any kernel module) without kernel-support.
How CSA shoule be implemented is interesting and important, but should it be
main subject in this discussion that such a kinds of kernel hook is necessary
to implement process-accounting per process-aggregation reasonable ?

In my understanding, what Andrew Morton said is "If target functionality can
implement in user space only, then we should not modify the kernel-tree".
But, any kind of kernel support was required to handle process lifecycle events
for the accounting per process-aggregation and so on, from our discussion.

I'm also opposed to an adhoc approach, like CSA depending on ELSA.
We should walk hight road.

Linux Promotion Center, NEC
KaiGai Kohei <>
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