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    SubjectIntel ICH7 SATA support question for ATA_PIIX
    I have two new OEM machines that are both ICH7 chipsets.  
    Both machines give the same vendor and device PCI ids for their
    storage controllers.

    8086:27df and 8086:27c0

    I noticed that Jason Gaston submitted a patch that made it into
    2.6.11-rc1 to add support for ICH7 into ata_piix. I'm using
    2.6.11-rc5 and am getting good results on one of my machines.

    The problem I'm having is that the other machine doesn't seem to be
    supported even though it appears to be the same controller (by PCI ID
    at least). My modules.pcimap file shows that x27df and x27c0 are both
    mapped to the piix driver. I'm seeing nothing in /proc/partitions.

    Perhaps someone at Intel, or HP, or Jason Gaston, or Jeff Garzik even
    can shed some light on this or tell me where I can look to determine a
    chipset version number that can be used to differentiate the two
    boxes? I'll gladly provide any more information I've forgotten.

    Also the machine that isn't working has a Broadcom Gigabit NIC that
    isn't being recognized by the tg3 module. I'm seeing no eth0 in
    /sys/class/net. It's PCI ID is 14e4:1600.

    Greg Felix
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