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Subject[0/14] Orinoco driver updates
Jeff, please apply:

Here's a big stack of patches that make a significant step forward on
the long overdue orinoco driver merge. Still quite a long way to go,
but it's something. This patch stack is againt Linus' vanilla +
Viro's big iomap cleanup patch, as requested.

The first 9 patches make only trivial or cosmetic behavioural changes:
1/14 orinoco-carrier
Use netif_carrier_*() macros instead of homegrown
'connected' variable.

2/14 orinoco-printks
Update various printk()s and other cosmetic strings

3/14 orinoco-delays
Use mdelay() and ssleep() instead of outdated ways of

4/14 orinoco-free-orinocodev
Introduce free_orinocodev() function, to reduce noise
in future diffs.

5/14 orinoco-cleanup-hermes
Assorted cleanups to low-level hardware access code

6/14 orinoco-pci-updates
Cleanup to initialization code for the PCI based
orinoco devices.

7/14 orinoco-modparm
Use modern module_parm macros for orinoco module.

8/14 orinoco-pccard-cleanups
Cleanup to PCMCIA initialization code

9/14 orinoco-void-ethersnap
Trivial change to is_ethersnap() function to reduce
future diff noise.

The next 4 patches start to intoduce real new functionality and
bug fixes:
10/14 orinoco-no-ibss-any
Disallow IBSS mode if no ESSID is set (too many
firmwares break, otherwise)

11/14 orinoco-late-tx-wake
Delay waking the Tx queue, fixes problems on a number
of firwmares

12/14 orinoco-wep-updates
Various updates to WEP setup code

13/14 orinoco-update-firmware-detection
Updates and bugfixes to firmware detection logic

And the final one, is another trivial one:
14/14 orinoco-is-now-0.14alpha2
Update version and changelog to reflect the above

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david AT | minimalist. NOT _the_ _other_ _way_
| _around_!
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