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SubjectRe: Thoughts on the "No Linux Security Modules framework" old claims
Lorenzo Hernández García-Hierro wrote:

>Also, it was a pretty good thing from them this piece of work.
>Think that they investors may dislike the model they followed when the
>merge happened, anyways, and as an example, I pretty ignore those
>patents claims,for example, think that Type Enforcement (TE) is patented
>and before SELinux got in mainline the enterprise with rights on the
>patent made a public announcement about their "opening" and "for-free"
>use of their patented model.
You are confused. It is Secure Computing Corporation that holds patents
that threaten SELinux

Immunix has never threatened any open source project with patent

Please get your facts straight before accusing someone of a serious act
like that.


Crispin Cowan, Ph.D.
CTO, Immunix

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