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    SubjectRe: Please open sysfs symbols to proprietary modules
    On Feb 02, 2005, at 20:13, Pavel Roskin wrote:
    > OK, then the "insufficiency" is inability to set and get additional
    > named variables for network interfaces.
    > I won't open all details, but suppose I want the bridge to handle
    > certain frames in a special way, just like BPDU frames are handled if
    > STP is enabled. There is a hook for that already - see
    > br_handle_frame_hook. The proprietary module would just have to
    > change it.
    > What I want it to tell that module what to do with those special
    > frames. I also want to get information like what was in the last
    > special frame and how many of them have been received. In other
    > words, I want the proprietary module to communicate with userspace.
    > Ideally, the userspace application should be a simple shell script,
    > so I'm reluctant to use ioctl.

    Why don't you just GPL your driver? It's not like somebody will have
    some innate commercial advantage over you because they have your
    driver source code. You might even have a commercial advantage by
    participating with GPL drivers because the community will help adjust
    them to in-kernel API changes too. Besides, you'll get cross-platform
    portability basically for free, as opposed to a binary-only driver for
    x86 where you can't use it on PPC, Alpha, etc. Please consider the
    benefits to GPL software ;-)

    Kyle Moffett

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