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    SubjectRe: Accelerated frame buffer functions
    On Wed, 2 Feb 2005 16:41:39 +0100, Haakon Riiser
    <> wrote:
    > Thanks for the tip, I hadn't heard about it. I will take a look,
    > but only to see if it can show me the user space API of /dev/fb.
    > I don't need a general library that supports a bunch of different
    > graphics cards. I'm writing my own frame buffer driver for the
    > GX2 CPU, and I just want to know how to call the various functions
    > registered in struct fb_ops, so that I can test my code. I mean,
    > all those functions registered in fb_ops must be accessible
    > somehow; if they weren't, what purpose would they serve?

    You should look at writing a DRM driver. DRM implements the kernel
    interface to get 3D hardware running. It is a fully accelerated driver
    interface. They are located in drivers/char/drm

    Jon Smirl
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