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SubjectRe: Getting the page size of currently running kernel
    Scott> Is there any way to get a running kernel to tell you the
Scott> size of its pages? Why: I'm writing a quick Perl hack to
Scott> monitor the memory usage of the TCP stack over time. Easy
Scott> enough: /proc/net/sockstat gives the current value of
Scott> tcp_memory_allocated. But how do I convert this into
Scott> bytes? I don't want to hard code PAGE_SIZE into my Perl
Scott> script, complete with a lookup table for 4K vs. 8K
Scott> architectures! Am I missing something obvious here?

I'm not sure exactly how to call it from perl, but from C one can use
sysconf(3) like:

page_size = sysconf(_SC_PAGESIZE);

(one can also use getpagesize(2) to do exactly the same thing)

- R.
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