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SubjectRe: [BK] upgrade will be needed
Hi Clemens!

On Feb 17, 2005, at 1:11 AM, Clemens Schwaighofer wrote:

> first. what kind of advantages does bk have over other svn? Seriously.
> If Apache can use it, and gcc might use it (again two very large
> projects), what makes linux so differetnt that it can't.
> And I don't want _anything_ from Larry. I am just pointing out, that
> this kind of legal clause is more ridicolous than understandable.
Well, I'm obviously not Larry, so here are my 2ct:

Subversion is superior to CVS in all respects, but that is not an
overly strong statement. The main problem is that it is centralized in
a way that hinders the parallel existence of development branches
because it does not properly support the shuffling of changes back and
forth between trees. It all works fine until you want to _partially_
synchronize two trees and keep the ability to continue development on
both of them. (Been there, done that, it was a major PITA even in a
rather small project. Works fine for my PhD thesis, though ;-) )

That said, it would of course be possible to improve the internal
workflow of our emperor penguin if he used subversion, but the
collaboration with others could not benefit the way it does with a
changeset-based approach.

> Last, why can you compare cvs to bk? and not subversion, or arch? arch
> and subversion are way superiour to cvs ...
>> SCM is hard and not sexy, I'm afraid.
> yes its hard, so we have to use bk with a very strange license?
> better close the eyes and not change. What do you think is kernel
> coding? Walk in the park? Do you think all those developers say, nah I
> better use Windows or Mac OS X, because its hard and not sexy ... pah
> ... BS!
Linux kernel development is hard _and_ sexy :-)


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