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SubjectRe: [rfc/rft] Fujitsu B-Series Lifebook PS/2 TouchScreen driver
Am Samstag, den 12.02.2005, 12:46 -0500 schrieb Arjan van de Ven:
> On Sat, 2005-02-12 at 18:01 +0100, Kenan Esau wrote:
> > Second thing is that I am not shure that it is a good idea to integrate
> > the lbtouch-support into the psmouse-driver since there is no real way
> > of deciding if the device you are talking to is REALLY a
> > lifebook-touchsreen or not.
> ...
> > IMHO the driver should be standalone and the user should decide which
> > driver he wants to use. As default the touchscreen-functionality will be
> > disabled and only the quick-point device will work like a normal
> > PS2-mouse.
> I just want to point out that this is a problem for distributions and
> for not-so-technical users.
> Is there *really* no way to know if you're on a lifebook? Can't you use
> say the DMI identification mechanism to find this out ? If so, I think
> integrating into the regular driver very much is the right thing to
> do... it makes things JustWork(tm) for users without any need for manual
> configuration (which also makes distribution makers happy).

Yes that would be nice. But the lifebook-touchscreen hardware is also
used in other notebooks. For example the Panasonic Toughbook CF28. But
we could still use DMI to check whether we are on a lifebook b-series
and then initialize the hardware. This would still get 95% of all cases.
For all the other ones we would have to provide some kind of

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