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SubjectRe: DVB at76c651.c driver seems to be dead code
On Fri, Feb 11, 2005 at 02:11:17AM +0100, Mws wrote:

> The atmel at76c651 frontend driver is used for the
> Sagem DBox2 Digital Cable Receiver.
> As all other parts of the dbox2 drivers are atm not hosted at kernel cvs but at
> you won't find any components in mainline kernel tree using this.
> thus we are a hobby project - but even well known - there are not so many developer
> available to make every kernel driver and other parts of it "kernel-style-alike".
> maybe there is more progress and kernel driver patching into mainline in the future.
> we are having 2.6.9 running on dbox2 - higher versions are atm broken for support of
> the mpc 823 architecture :/
> removing this driver is not wanted.

If I understand it correctly, there are several drivers that only make
sense if they are used together. at76c651.c alone makes zero sense?
This means it would be highly appreciated to have all parts inside the
kernel at some time in the future.

Something different:
The atmel at76c651 frontend driver is specific to the MPC823
In this case this dependency should be expressed in the Kconfig file
since it then makes no sense to offer this driver on other

> regards
> Marcel Siegert



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