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SubjectRe: [RFC] Linux Kernel Subversion Howto
Roman, please give up on importing 100% of the history.  There's no 
point arguing something if you already know what the other person's
answer will be. Larry will not change his mind under any currently
foreseeable circumstances. Yes, there is "meta-data lockin" whether
anyone at BitMover will admit it or not, but no that will not change.

Linux survived in the past without much history, and if a replacement
arrives, people can make the switch even with a degraded history. In
very little time that switchover would seem as remote as the pre-BK
times are now.

Right now I don't see why its necessary to track the Linux repo in 100%
detail for SCM development; There are plenty of other big trees to test
on if you need every detail. Time spent tracking Linux are probably
better spent improving an alternative SCM, most of which have plenty of
wishlist items awaiting developers. For kernel development, yes it's
painful for SCM developers or purists, but you can still work just fine
with patches. Maintainers certainly benefit from BK, but for developers
on the leaves of the hierarchy there's not that much difference.

- Jim Bruce
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