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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Altix : ioc4 serial driver support
    On Mon, Jan 31, 2005 at 04:45:05PM -0600, Pat Gefre wrote:
    > I've updated this patch with suggestions from the reviews. And moved it
    > up the latest 2.6 (since it has been awhile...). I'm also adding
    > Bartlomiej as a CC since there are IDE mods involved.

    This looks much better, thanks.

    Please kill ioc4_ide_init as it's completely unused and make ioc4_serial_init
    a normal module_init() handler in ioc4_serial, there's no need to call
    them from the generic driver.

    Also yo should need to implement ioc4_remove_one (yet) as the ide driver
    can't be removed yet. It might make sense to keep it and
    ioc4_serial_remove_one around #if 0'ed as that might be implemented soon.

    Do you need to use ide_pci_register_driver? IOC4 doesn't have the legacy
    IDE problems, and it's never used together with such devices in a system,
    so a plain pci_register_driver should do it.

    In ioc4_ide_attach_one you can kill the if and return pci_init_sgiioc4(..)

    In ioc4.c please include <asm/sn/ioc4_common.h> after <linux/ide.h>.

    Also ioc4_common.h should probably move to include/linux as ioc4 is more
    or less just a pci device and not that SN-specific.

    The ioc4_serial driver looks more or less good to me, but you seem to
    miss __iomem annotation and there's a few things that it'd have cought,
    like casting the return value from ioremap (it's a void __iomem * so it
    can be assigned to any pointer directly (or any __iomem pointer in sparse).

    ioc4_soft.is_intr_type[].is_intr_ents_free should be an unsigned long
    so test_and_clear_bit can operate on it directly. But I fail to see where
    we set bits in at all (?)

    ioc4_serial_attach_one has various resource leaks when parts of the
    initialization fail. Try to follow the goto-based cleanup model most pci
    drivers use instead of returning directly on failures.

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