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    SubjectRe: RFC: ACPI/scsi/libata integration and hotswap
    Mark Lord wrote:
    > Jeff Garzik wrote:
    >> Erik Slagter wrote:
    >>> 'guess You're not interested in having suspend/resume actually work on
    >>> laptops (or other PC's). That's your prerogative but imho it's a bit
    >>> narrow-minded to withhold this functionality from other people who
    >>> actually would like to have this working, just because you happen to not
    >>> like ACPI.
    >> It works just fine on laptops, with Jens' suspend/resume patch.
    >> Jeff
    > No. I use it on my two modern laptops with great success,
    > but only with *certain* hard disks. When I replace the ultra modern
    > 100GB drive in my machine with a slightly older 30GB drive,
    > suspend/resume no longer work. No other changes.
    > Other users have reported similar experiences to me.
    > We really REALLY need libata to get fixed for this stuff.

    Patches welcome :) There is a bunch of stuff that needs to be done for
    suspend/resume. Saving/restoring settings, additional resets and
    probes, etc.


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