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    SubjectCore-iSCSI v1.6.2.2 (STABLE) + Tools v3.1
    Greetings all,

    Core-iSCSI v1.6.2.2 and Core-iSCSI-tools v3.1 will be available shortly

    This release would not have been possible without the help of:
    Dominik and Dustin @ VBI
    Daniel @ JHAPL
    Bill and Chris @ Wasabi
    Albert Pauw
    Mike Mazarick
    Micky Mazarick
    Mark Tyler

    This release includes a solution for single portal + multiple IQN names
    that some iSCSI target nodes use as their primary naming scheme. This
    done via an optional parameter inside of the /etc/sysconfig/initiator
    which does not break backwards comptability with existing installations.
    Additionally a fix has been included for HP iSCSI Target Nodes that
    involves the removal of a 'return on error' condition related to
    Underflow + S_BIT checking. For the former, manual pages and howto have
    been updated to reflect the change to the /etc/sysconfig/initiator
    configuration file.

    Additionally, it was recently brought to my attention that a check
    related to DataSequeceInOrder=Yes located in iscsi_initiator_erl0.c is
    causing a problem with certain vendors iSCSI Target nodes. I will be
    getting more information on this issue in the next few days, and will
    release a fix as soon as possible. I will keep everyone posted.

    Also, the Core-iSCSI list has been created. Everyone is invited to join

    And finally, the project's website should be going online sometime in
    the next week. I will keep everyone posted. We have definately made an
    amazing amount of progress in the last 8 days, and the Core-iSCSI team
    will keep moving full steam ahead with the project as long as a need

    Thanks for your support.

    Nicholas A. Bellinger <>

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