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SubjectRe: Runs with Linux (tm)

On 8 Dec 2005, at 11:48, jerome lacoste wrote:

> [...]
>> With a logo a PC vendor such as Dell can stick the logo on their PCs
>> if and only if every component in the machine is certified.
>> (Including motherboard, on-board graphics, on-boad-sound, on-board
>> raid etc. etc.)
>> This means you or I don't have to try to find out the exact machine
>> specification from Dell and then individually check each part against
>> the hardware database.
> I completely agree with all your arguments. My point is that your
> solution is a long term one. It depends on demand being there, on
> hardware vendors to be educated/lobbied/pressured, on both part
> vendors and part assemblers to use the logos (as a good side effect
> creating the logo might enforce the existance of Linux/Free OS
> specialized hardware companies).
> This is a good but long term shot. It will take years before such a
> framework becomes effective for the user.

I am not trying to address the immediate problem.
This is a strategy to prevent the "Doomsday Scenario" outlined by
Arjan which ends up with most drivers being closed source.

I said in my other thread (

>> The primary motivation for this is that it leverages the
>> individual power of each purchaser (of a system or individual
>> piece of hardware) be they a consumer, SME, system builder, tier 1
>> or 2 PC manufacturer, government dept., or Linux distro company,
>> into a single point of pressure that can be applied to OEMs to
>> ensure that they provide open source drivers.

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