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SubjectRe: Linux in a binary world... a doomsday scenario
Chase Venters wrote:

>On Wednesday 07 December 2005 05:41 pm, Jon Smirl wrote:
>>Can the Linux community justify using ruthless means to force
>>documentation out of vendors? Asking politely doesn't seem to be
>>working - I suspect it may take something of this magnitude to force
>>a change out of NVidia/ATI.
>Is this a vote? Cause you have mine. :)
>Seriously, there is a danger in the move being seen by the press as too
>adversarial, but with everything I've been reading and seeing lately, I'm
>starting to think that the NVidia/ATI situation may be the single largest
>danger to Linux.
This is a win-win situation. for us, it is NOT a problem if the press
see the move as too adversarial. In fact - that would be the best
outcome of all because then we have the press and general opinion
against dumb patents.

Putting an end to stupid patents in general (and software patents
specifically) is even better than bogging a difficult hw company
down with lawsuits.

If they think the move is too nasty - then it must be because the
move itself is a bad thing - an opportunity that shouldn't exist, right?

Helge Hafting

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