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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] Minor change to platform_device_register_simple prototype
    Hi Dmitry,

    > Another thing - bunch of input code currently creates platform devices
    > but does not create corresponding platform drivers (because they don't
    > support suspend/resume or shutdown and probing is done right there in
    > module init function).
    > What is the general policy on platform devices? Should they always have
    > a corresponding driver or is it OK to leave them without one?

    If it wasn't OK, I'd expect platform_device_alloc and
    platform_device_register to fail when no matching driver is found.
    Since they do not, I'd guess it is considered OK not to have a matching
    driver. But that's really only a guess and not a replacement for
    Russell's (or Greg's) authoritative answer.

    Reciprocally, if it is finally decided that it is *not* OK to have a
    platform device without a driver, they we want to make both functions
    mentioned above fail when no match is found.

    I am interested in the answer myself, as I am just realizing that my
    own driver registers a platform driver but doesn't use it at all, just
    like Dmitry described for his input drivers - so if I am allowed not to
    register this platform driver I may just drop that part.

    Jean Delvare
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