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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/10] usb-serial: Switches from spin lock to atomic_t.
On Wed, Dec 07, 2005 at 02:51:13PM -0200, Luiz Fernando Capitulino wrote:
> On Wed, 7 Dec 2005 08:41:18 -0800
> Greg KH <> wrote:
> | On Tue, Dec 06, 2005 at 09:56:10AM -0200, Luiz Fernando Capitulino wrote:
> | > Greg,
> | >
> | > Don't get scared. :-)
> |
> | I'm not scared, just not liking this patch series at all.
> |
> | In the end, it's just moving from one locking scheme to another. No big
> | deal.
> I understand.
> | The problem is, none of this should be needed at all. We need to move
> | the usb-serial drivers over to use the serial core code. If that
> | happens, then none of this locking is needed.
> |
> | That's the right thing to do, so I'm not going to take this patch series
> | right now because of that. If you all want to work on moving to use the
> | serial core, I would love to see that happen.
> If it's the right thing to do, I'll love to work on that. :)
> There is only one problem though, I've never touched in the serial core.
> It means I'll need some time to do it, and maybe the first tries can be
> wrong.
> Any tips you have in mind are very welcome.

I have a small question: in my view, this patch series is a small
step towards implementing the usb-serial drivers The Right Way, as it
removes a a bit of duplicated code. If we start to do The Big Change to
serial_core , probably we would make further refactorings on these parts,
going towards The Right Way to implement the drivers.

My question would be: where would the small refactorings belong, while
the big change to serial_core is work in progress? I would like them
to go to some tree for testing, while the work is being done, instead
of pushing lots of changes later, but I don't know if there is someone
who we could send them.

> Eduardo, let's do it? :)

I would love it, but I will be on vacations in two weeks. So, probably
on January.

My wife is lucky that I won't have a notebook available during our
vacations. 8)

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