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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] b2c2: make front-ends selectable and include noob option
    Am Dienstag Dezember 6 2005 21:20 schrieb Michael Krufky:
    > On 12/6/05, Prakash Punnoor <> wrote:
    > > Hi,
    > >
    > > this patch probably needs some touch-up but mainly I am sking the dvb
    > > guys why
    > > don't they do something like this. Current situation:
    > >
    > NACK.
    > You are going to run into some problems with this patch... For instance,
    > What if the user chooses to compile the b2c2-flexcop driver in-kernel, but
    > only compiles the frontend drivers as modules... Then, the frontend
    > support will be built into the flexcop driver, but the module will not yet
    > be available at the time when the kernel is looking for it...

    Well, I said it needed touch up. ;-) After all I didn't seriously believe it
    gets merged in current state (and yes, I didn't think about the module issue,
    but you're right , of course). But it simply didn't seem like dvb guys are
    caring about the problem. I once (probably half a year ago already) mailed to
    linux-dvb and got zero response. That told me everything.

    Personally I won't invest more time in perfecting the patch. I just wanted to
    get some attention to this problem and will use the patch privately for my
    own happiness...

    Thanks for your input.

    (°= =°)
    //\ Prakash Punnoor /\\
    V_/ \_V
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