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SubjectRE: [git pull 02/14] Add Wistron driver
>Yu, Luming wrote:
>> I just tested module wistron_btn on one Acer Aspire laptop after
>> adding one dmi entry. The wistron_btn found BIOS interfaces.
>> One visible error is the bluetooth light won't turn on upon
>> stroking bluetooth button.
>> Without wistron_btn module, the bluetooth light works.
>> with acpi enabled, I didn't try acpi disabled)
>> wistron_btn polls a cmos address to detect hotkey event. It
>> is not necessary, because there do have ACPI interrupt
>triggered upon
>> hotkeys.
>There are many different laptops using similar interfaces.
>It is a mess :(
>If your laptop provides the hotkey events via ACPI, simply don't use

wistron driver should be disabled if acpi hotkey enabled.

>> So, my suggestion is to disable this module when ACPI enabled.
>I have a laptop that needs this module (hotkeys are not supported via
>ACPI), but supports ACPI.

Could you share me acpidump output of your laptop?
Please attach it at :

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