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SubjectRe: Linux in a binary world... a doomsday scenario
Dnia wtorek, 6 grudnia 2005 16:30, Florian Weimer napisał:
> * Brian Gerst:
> > Once again I'd like to point out that user's purchase power means jack
> > when they only have two choices for video: ATI and Nvidia. You can't
> > walk into a computer store and find anything else (I don't count
> > integrated video on the motherboard as a solution, since only Intel
> > boards have it, sorry AMD users). Even over the web it's hard to find
> > anything else.
> What about Matrox cards? Are there open drivers for accelerated 2D
> operation?

Open 2D is nothing new. The OpenGL is a major part.
Matrox and XGI (e.g. Volari V3 based cards) have openGL parts closed.

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