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SubjectRe: Linux in a binary world... a doomsday scenario
>greg k-h
>[1] My usual response is, "If we are so dumb, why are you using the kernel
> made by us?", which usually stops the conversation right there.
This is indeed a very good question. Maybe Greg is right and we really
should not be using
their kernel. There are alternatives that are open source and equally good
if not better (BSD, Solaris).

Linux is made for the members of the Linux community (family) who understand
how important it is to get all the hardware details and other trade secrets
made available public domain. This is a live and death issue to the
community because it lmakes it possible to hackers to continue to hack.
Binary (only) drivers are considered evil because then may cause the
hardware information flow to hackers to stop forever. Linux should be made
the dominating desktop OS so that stupid hardware companies will be forced
to realize that resistence is futile.

But what do the desktop customers (the ones who should start using Linux)
expect? We would expect that Linux works with the hardware we have or
whatever we decide to buy. And more important we expect that the
applications we need are available for Linux. Do we care about hackers'
right to free hardware information? No. This means that we users are
complete morons and we should be brainwashed to realize how cool thing Linux

So the conclusion is that we (potential) customers should grow up to the
level where we can fully understand the importance of the Linux movement.
The kernel community in turn does the right thing in trying to enforce pure
GPL even if it causes some unavoidable damage to usability of Linux. Linux
will sooner or later dominate the desktop. Until that happens we we users
should support the effort of the development community and happily suffer
from hardware compatibility problems (or user some less state-of-the-art
hardware). Or should we?

As I said maybe Greg's opinion is correct. We stupid morons should let the
kernel guys to play with their nice sandbox in whatever way they like. We
don't contribute anything to the kernel so we definitely don't have any vote
on what they do or don't do. We should stop raising idiotic issues like
unbanning binary only drivers. Instead by moving to some other open source
kernel we can improve the S/N ratio of this mailing list. This gives the
kernel community good working peace to build as pure GPL kernel as they



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