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    SubjectRe: [PATCH 2/13] Time: Reduced NTP Rework (part 2)
    On 2 Dec 2005 at 16:19, George Anzinger wrote:

    > john stultz wrote:
    > > All,
    > > Here is the second of two patches which try to minimize my ntp rework
    > > patches.
    > >
    > > This patch further changes the interrupt time NTP code, breaking out the
    > > leapsecond processing and introduces an accessor to a shifted ppm
    > In a discusson aroung the leapsecond and how to disable it (some folks
    > don't want the time jump) it came to light that, for the most part,
    > this is unused code. It requires that time be kept in UST to be
    > useful and, from what I can tell, most folks keep time in their local
    > timezone, thus, effectively, disableing the usage of the leapsecond
    > correction (ntp figures this out and just says "no"). Possibly it is
    > time to ask if we should keep this in the kernel at all.

    I think this is not a question at all whether people like leap seconds or not:
    Either they want to have the current official time, or they do not. If they do
    not, they won't care about NTP; if they do they'd use it.

    If they don't like leap seconds, they'd go into politics to forbid them by law.


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