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SubjectRe: (OT) [PATCH 1 of 3] Introduce __memcpy_toio32

On Sat, 31 Dec 2005, Jan Engelhardt wrote:
> >>
> >> The head penguin peed on it last week.
> >
> >Actually "sprinkling with penguin pee" means that something is blessed
> >(it's like a kernel baptism). Maybe that's not very civilized, but hey,
> >penguins don't have thumbs, and are thus kind of limited in their actions.
> >Don't be speciest.
> At least they could have used water instead of pee.

Hey, when you live at -40 deg C for long times, I challenge you to find
some liquid water to sprinkle around.

Antarctica is one of the driest places on earth - never mind that there's
tons of ice around.

You use what you have.

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