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    SubjectRe: RFC: Starting a stable kernel series off the 2.6 kernel
    Hi Adrian,
    I would really appreciate such a move to a stable series.
    I've had some really bad luck with instability of 2.6.x - in
    particular with NFS.

    Would such a stable kernel keep up to date on basic drivers?
    I ask since I got into a messy situation on a series of production
    servers; they were really new Dell servers using standard Intel
    chipsets but needed SATA stuff that went in recently.
    Does 2.6.16 have the basic infrastructure for all the current
    hardware so that if you branch now you aren't going to have
    to do any really heavy backports to be able to run on
    'current' hardware?

    I hit the situation where I have a 2.6.5 kernel I use on everything
    else and whose NFS works fine; and 2.6.11 or newer which supports
    the hardware - but whose NFS is giving me broken locking to some
    obscure systems.

    IMHO we've also got into a real mess where it is vendor
    kernels that have stability fixes in for many things (NFS in
    particular) - but the lkml doesn't want to know about vendor
    kernels, but at the same time they aren't up for stabilisation.

    Good luck with such a branch!

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