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SubjectRe: 2.6.14-rt22 (and mainline): netstat -anop triggers excessive latencies
On Tue, 2005-12-27 at 21:30 -0500, Steven Rostedt wrote:
> OK, I did find it though, and it only had one rej. So you probably can
> easily do that change yourself.
> Aw heck, here it is anyway. (look everybody, a patch pulled in with
> pine!). Complements of quilt.

Nope, does not help. We still do way too much work in softirq context.

preemption latency trace v1.1.5 on 2.6.15-rc5-rt4
latency: 11184 us, #13458/13458, CPU#0 | (M:preempt VP:0, KP:0, SP:0 HP:0)
| task: softirq-timer/0-3 (uid:0 nice:0 policy:1 rt_prio:1)

_------=> CPU#
/ _-----=> irqs-off
| / _----=> need-resched
|| / _---=> hardirq/softirq
||| / _--=> preempt-depth
|||| /
||||| delay
cmd pid ||||| time | caller
\ / ||||| \ | /
netstat-6169 0D.h2 0us : __trace_start_sched_wakeup (try_to_wake_up)
netstat-6169 0D.h2 1us : __trace_start_sched_wakeup <<...>-3> (62 0)
netstat-6169 0D.h. 2us : wake_up_process (wakeup_softirqd)
netstat-6169 0D.h. 3us : scheduler_tick (update_process_times)
netstat-6169 0D.h. 3us : sched_clock (scheduler_tick)
netstat-6169 0D.h1 5us : task_timeslice (scheduler_tick)
netstat-6169 0D.h. 6us : run_posix_cpu_timers (update_process_times)
netstat-6169 0D.h1 7us : note_interrupt (__do_IRQ)
netstat-6169 0D.h1 7us : end_8259A_irq (__do_IRQ)
netstat-6169 0D.h1 8us+: enable_8259A_irq (end_8259A_irq)
netstat-6169 0DnH1 10us : irq_exit (do_IRQ)
netstat-6169 0Dns1 11us < (608)
netstat-6169 0.ns. 12us : preempt_schedule (established_get_first)
netstat-6169 0.ns. 13us : find_next_bit (established_get_first)
netstat-6169 0.ns. 13us : cond_resched_softirq (established_get_first)
netstat-6169 0.ns. 14us : preempt_schedule (established_get_first)
netstat-6169 0.ns. 15us : find_next_bit (established_get_first)
netstat-6169 0.ns. 16us : cond_resched_softirq (established_get_first)
netstat-6169 0.ns. 17us : preempt_schedule (established_get_first)
netstat-6169 0.ns. 17us : find_next_bit (established_get_first)
netstat-6169 0.ns. 18us : cond_resched_softirq (established_get_first)
netstat-6169 0.ns. 19us : preempt_schedule (established_get_first)
netstat-6169 0.ns. 20us : find_next_bit (established_get_first)


netstat-6169 0.ns. 11098us : cond_resched_softirq (established_get_next)
netstat-6169 0.ns. 11098us : preempt_schedule (established_get_next)
netstat-6169 0.ns. 11099us : cond_resched_softirq (established_get_next)
netstat-6169 0.ns. 11100us : preempt_schedule (established_get_next)
netstat-6169 0.ns. 11101us : cond_resched_softirq (established_get_next)
netstat-6169 0.ns. 11102us : preempt_schedule (established_get_next)
netstat-6169 0.ns. 11103us : cond_resched_softirq (established_get_next)
netstat-6169 0.ns. 11103us : preempt_schedule (established_get_next)
netstat-6169 0.ns. 11104us : cond_resched_softirq (established_get_next)
netstat-6169 0.ns. 11105us : preempt_schedule (established_get_next)
netstat-6169 0.ns. 11106us : cond_resched_softirq (established_get_next)
netstat-6169 0.ns. 11107us : preempt_schedule (established_get_next)
netstat-6169 0.ns. 11107us : cond_resched_softirq (established_get_next)
netstat-6169 0.ns. 11108us : preempt_schedule (established_get_next)
netstat-6169 0.ns. 11109us : cond_resched_softirq (established_get_next)
netstat-6169 0.ns. 11110us : preempt_schedule (established_get_next)
netstat-6169 0.ns. 11110us : cond_resched_softirq (established_get_next)
netstat-6169 0.ns. 11111us : preempt_schedule (established_get_next)
netstat-6169 0.ns. 11112us : cond_resched_softirq (established_get_next)
netstat-6169 0.ns. 11113us : preempt_schedule (established_get_next)
netstat-6169 0.ns. 11114us : cond_resched_softirq (established_get_next)
netstat-6169 0.ns. 11115us : tcp_seq_stop (seq_read)
netstat-6169 0.ns. 11115us : local_bh_enable (tcp_seq_stop)
netstat-6169 0.n.1 11116us : do_softirq (local_bh_enable)
netstat-6169 0D.s. 11118us : __do_softirq (do_softirq)
netstat-6169 0D.s. 11119us : ___do_softirq (__do_softirq)
netstat-6169 0..s. 11120us : run_timer_softirq (___do_softirq)
netstat-6169 0..s. 11122us : cond_resched_softirq (run_timer_softirq)
netstat-6169 0..s. 11123us : cond_resched_softirq (run_timer_softirq)
netstat-6169 0..s. 11124us : cond_resched_softirq (run_timer_softirq)
netstat-6169 0..s. 11125us : cond_resched_softirq (run_timer_softirq)
netstat-6169 0..s. 11126us : cond_resched_softirq (run_timer_softirq)
netstat-6169 0..s. 11127us : cond_resched_softirq (run_timer_softirq)
netstat-6169 0..s. 11128us : cond_resched_softirq (run_timer_softirq)
netstat-6169 0..s. 11129us : cond_resched_softirq (run_timer_softirq)
netstat-6169 0..s. 11129us : cond_resched_softirq (run_timer_softirq)
netstat-6169 0..s. 11130us : cond_resched_softirq (run_timer_softirq)
netstat-6169 0..s. 11131us : cond_resched_softirq (run_timer_softirq)
netstat-6169 0..s. 11132us : cond_resched_softirq (run_timer_softirq)
netstat-6169 0..s. 11133us : hrtimer_run_queues (run_timer_softirq)
netstat-6169 0..s. 11134us : get_realtime_clock (hrtimer_run_queues)
netstat-6169 0..s. 11136us : read_tsc (get_realtime_clock)
netstat-6169 0..s. 11137us : get_monotonic_clock (hrtimer_run_queues)
netstat-6169 0..s. 11138us+: read_tsc (get_monotonic_clock)
netstat-6169 0..s. 11142us : timeofday_periodic_hook (run_timer_softirq)
netstat-6169 0D.s1 11143us+: read_tsc (timeofday_periodic_hook)
netstat-6169 0D.s1 11146us+: ntp_advance (timeofday_periodic_hook)
netstat-6169 0D.s1 11150us : get_next_clocksource (timeofday_periodic_hook)
netstat-6169 0D.s1 11152us : tsc_update_callback (timeofday_periodic_hook)
netstat-6169 0D.s1 11153us : ntp_get_ppm_adjustment (timeofday_periodic_hook)
netstat-6169 0D.s1 11154us : update_legacy_time_values (timeofday_periodic_hook)
netstat-6169 0D.s2 11156us : set_normalized_timespec (update_legacy_time_values)
netstat-6169 0..s. 11157us : mod_timer (timeofday_periodic_hook)
netstat-6169 0..s. 11158us : __mod_timer (mod_timer)
netstat-6169 0..s. 11158us : lock_timer_base (__mod_timer)
netstat-6169 0D.s1 11160us : internal_add_timer (__mod_timer)
netstat-6169 0..s. 11161us : cond_resched_all (run_timer_softirq)
netstat-6169 0..s. 11162us : cond_resched_softirq (cond_resched_all)
netstat-6169 0..s. 11164us : __wake_up (run_timer_softirq)
netstat-6169 0D.s1 11164us : __wake_up_common (__wake_up)
netstat-6169 0..s. 11165us : cond_resched_all (___do_softirq)
netstat-6169 0..s. 11166us : cond_resched_softirq (cond_resched_all)
netstat-6169 0.n.. 11167us : preempt_schedule (local_bh_enable)
netstat-6169 0Dn.. 11168us : __schedule (preempt_schedule)
netstat-6169 0Dn.. 11169us : profile_hit (__schedule)
netstat-6169 0Dn.1 11170us+: sched_clock (__schedule)
<...>-3 0D..2 11176us+: __switch_to (__schedule)
<...>-3 0D..2 11179us : __schedule <netstat-6169> (75 62)
<...>-3 0...1 11180us : trace_stop_sched_switched (__schedule)
<...>-3 0D..2 11181us+: trace_stop_sched_switched <<...>-3> (62 0)
<...>-3 0D..2 11183us : trace_stop_sched_switched (__schedule)

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