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    SubjectHo ho ho.. Linux 2.6.15-rc7

    Now, most of you are probably going to be totally bored out of your minds
    on Christmas day, and here's the perfect distraction. Test 2.6.15-rc7. All
    the stores will be closed, and there's really nothing better to do in
    between meals.

    A number of mostly one-liners. The biggest ones are probably some s390
    qeth updates and some ipv6 fixes, the rest is just a number of small
    fixes. The shortlog gives a pretty good picture of what's going on. I
    suspect the forcedeth fix is the one most likely to affect any reasonable
    number of people, although the more relaxed usb suspend probably makes
    a big difference.

    Please do give it a try, and if you have any issues/regressions, send out
    a note (even if you sent one earlier) so that we don't forget about it.



    Adrian Bunk:
    [SPARC]: Fix RTC build failure.
    include/linux/irq.h: #include <linux/smp.h>
    [SUNGEM]: Fix link error with CONFIG_HOTPLUG disabled.
    [SPARC]: introduce a SPARC Kconfig symbol

    Alan Stern:
    usbcore: allow suspend/resume even if drivers don't support it

    Alex Williamson:
    [ACPI] increase owner_id limit to 64 from 32

    Andi Kleen:
    Fix swiotlb pci_map_sg error handling
    Fix build with CONFIG_PCI_MMCONFIG

    Andreas Gruenbacher:
    nfsd: check for read-only exports before setting acls

    Andrew Morton:
    Fix memory ordering problem in wake_futex()

    Antonino A. Daplas:
    intelfb: Fix freeing of nonexistent resource
    intelfb: Fix oops when changing video mode

    ASANO Masahiro:
    fix posix lock on NFS

    Bart De Schuymer:
    [BRIDGE-NF]: Fix bridge-nf ipv6 length check

    Ben Collins:
    block: Cleanup CDROMEJECT ioctl
    Fix typo in x86_64 __build_write_lock_const assembly

    Benjamin Herrenschmidt:
    powerpc: g5 thermal overtemp bug

    David S. Miller:
    [IPSEC]: Perform SA switchover immediately.
    [SPARC64]: Stop putting -finline-limit=XXX into CFLAGS
    [IPSEC]: Fix policy updates missed by sockets
    [SPARC]: Kill CHILD_MAX.
    [VIDEO] sbuslib: Disallow private mmaps.

    David Shaohua Li:
    [ACPI] correct earlier SMP deep C-states on HT patch

    Edson Seabra:
    powerpc: CPM2 interrupt handler failure after 100,000 interrupts

    Frank Pavlic:
    s390: some minor qeth driver fixes
    s390: minor qeth network driver fixes
    s390: remove redundant and useless code in qeth

    Hans Verkuil:
    V4L/DVB (3191): Fix CC output

    Hiroyuki YAMAMORI:
    [IPV6]: Fix Temporary Address Generation

    Ian McDonald:
    [DCCP]: Comment typo

    Ingo Molnar:
    fix spinlock-debugging smp_processor_id() usage

    James Bottomley:
    [SCSI] fix scsi_reap_target() device_del from atomic context

    [SCSI] fix for fc transport recursion problem.

    Jason Wessel:
    kernel/params.c: fix sysfs access with CONFIG_MODULES=n

    Jean Delvare:
    V4L/DVB (3188): Fix compilation failure with gcc 2.95.3.

    Knut Petersen:
    Fix framebuffer console upside-down ywrap scrolling

    Kristian Slavov:
    [RTNETLINK]: Fix RTNLGRP definitions in rtnetlink.h
    [IPV6]: Fix address deletion

    Kurt Huwig:
    n_r3964: fixed usage of HZ; removed bad include

    Len Brown:
    [ACPI] fix build warning from owner_id patch

    Linus Torvalds:
    Initialize drivers/media/video/saa7134 late
    Fix silly typo ("smb" vs "smp")
    Linux v2.6.15-rc7

    Manfred Spraul:
    forcedeth: fix random memory scribbling bug
    add missing memory barriers to ipc/sem.c

    Mauro Carvalho Chehab:
    V4L/DVB (3189): Fix a broken logic that didn't cover all standards.
    V4L/DVB SCM Maintainers Update

    Michael Chan:
    [TG3]: Fix peer device handling
    [TG3]: Some low power fixes
    [TG3]: Add tw32_wait_f() for some sensitive registers
    [TG3]: Fix ethtool memory test

    Mika Kukkonen:
    [NETROM]: Fix three if-statements in nr_state1_machine()
    [VLAN]: Add two missing checks to vlan_ioctl_handler()

    Neil Brown:
    md: Change case of raid level reported in sys/mdX/md/level

    Neil Horman:
    [SCTP]: Fix sctp to not return erroneous POLLOUT events.

    Nicolas Pitre:
    [ARM] 3210/1: add missing memory barrier helper for NPTL support
    fix race with preempt_enable()

    Olaf Hering:
    missing license for libphy.ko

    Oliver Endriss:
    V4L/DVB (3181): Enable SPDIF output for DVB-S rev 2.3

    Patrick McHardy:
    [NETFILTER]: Fix NAT init order
    [NETFILTER]: Fix incorrect dependency for IP6_NF_TARGET_NFQUEUE
    [XFRM]: Handle DCCP in xfrm{4,6}_decode_session

    Paul Mackerras:
    powerpc: correct register usage in 64-bit syscall exit path
    powerpc: update defconfigs
    powerpc: Fix i8259 cascade on pSeries with XICS interrupt controller

    Paul Walmsley:
    USB Storage: Force starget->scsi_level in usb-storage scsiglue.c

    Pavel Roskin:
    orinoco_nortel: Fix incorrect PCI resource use
    orinoco_nortel: Add Symbol LA-4123 ID

    Ravikiran G Thirumalai:
    x86_64/ia64 : Fix compilation error for node_to_first_cpu

    Ricardo Cerqueira:
    V4L/DVB (3180): Fix tuner 100 definition for hauppauge eeprom
    V4L/DVB (3200): Fix saa7134 ALSA/OSS collisions

    Russell King:
    [ARM] Fix sys_sendto and sys_recvfrom 6-arg syscalls

    Thomas Renninger:
    [ACPI] fix passive cooling regression

    Tom Zanussi:
    relayfs: remove warning printk() in relay_switch_subbuf()

    Tony Battersby:
    fix libata inquiry VPD for ATAPI devices

    Trond Myklebust:
    RPC: Do not block on skb allocation
    NFS: Fix another O_DIRECT race
    SUNRPC: Fix "EPIPE" error on mount of rpcsec_gss-protected partitions
    NLM: Fix Oops in nlmclnt_mark_reclaim()

    YOSHIFUJI Hideaki:
    [IPV6]: Fix route lifetime.
    [IPV6]: Flag RTF_ANYCAST for anycast routes.
    [IPV6]: Try not to send icmp to anycast address.
    [IPV6]: Defer IPv6 device initialization until the link becomes ready.
    [IPV6]: Run DAD when the link becomes ready.
    [IPV6]: Don't select a tentative address as a source address.
    [IPV6]: Fix dead lock.

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