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SubjectRe: [PATCH 2.6-git] SPI: add set_clock() to bitbang

> No, suppose there're two devices behind the same SPI bus that have
> different clock constraints. As active SPI device change may well happen
> when each new message is processed, we'll need to set up clocks again
> for each message. Right?

Clock is coupled to chipselect/device. When the bus controller
switches to the other device, it updates the clock accordingly.

How exactly that's done is system-specific. Many controllers
just have a register per chipselect, listing stuff like SPI mode,
clock divisor, and word size. So switching to that chipselect
kicks those in automatically ... devices ignore the clock unless
they've been selected.

So it's like I said earlier. And going to a new message will
normally involve a new chipselect, yes ... but maybe not, there's
that hint available to avoid the switching.

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