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    SubjectRe: [Linux 2.4.32] SATA ICH5/PIIX and Combined mode

    > > I have a machine with two SATA HDD, and one PATA CDRom.
    > > Bios is configured for combined mode, and installing a RedHat ES3
    > > (Kernel 2.4.21-ELsmp) is fine, the two HDD are up, the installation
    > > is fine and the CDRom is working.
    > >
    > > Then, upgrading to a vanilla 2.4.32, the ata_piix.c file contains
    > > a "combined mode not supported" and booting the machine hangs, as
    > > no VFS are up for root device.
    > you can't reliably run a non-NPTL kernel on RHES3. Really. Are you
    > really sure you want to ?

    Well, the other way around is to upgrade e1000 driver in the 2.4.21EL-smp,
    as the machine I'm using is quite new, and RHES3 kernel can't find the
    Ethernet device, so the machine has no network.
    My first idea was to consider this as an opportunity to upgrade to the
    latest 2.4.x kernel, but reading you, this looks like a bad idea...
    2.6.x would be better ?


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