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SubjectRe: Makefile targets: tar & rpm pkgs, while using O=<dir> as non-root
On 19 Dec 2005, Jan-Benedict Glaw stated:
> I've not really used out-of-tree building for Linux, so the tar*
> targets are probably not really tested with that regard. Though I'll
> check that and see if it works (of if a patch is needed.)

Given the existence of `cp -al', I'm not quite sure what the point of
out-of-tree building *is*. (I'm equally mystified by srcdir!=objdir
builds; I can see their utility for software with many generated files
and multi-stage bootstraps, like GCC, 'cos they simplify the makefiles,
but for normal software? What's the point?)

I mean, instead of

cd linux-2.6.blah
make blah O=/some/directory

you can always do

cp -al linux-2.6.blah /some/directory/
cd /some/directory
make blah

unless you're so short of space that you can't store the object files
and the source files on the same disk, and that should be a *very* rare
complaint with today's disk sizes.

`I must caution that dipping fingers into molten lead
presents several serious dangers.' --- Jearl Walker
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