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    SubjectRe: Makefile targets: tar & rpm pkgs, while using O=<dir> as non-root
    On Sun, Dec 18, 2005 at 03:27:20PM -0800, Linda Walsh wrote:
    > Unpacked and made it read-only.
    > Using the "O=" param, built output tree for another machine as
    > a non-root user.
    > I wanted to create an installable kernel & module package to copy
    > to the new machine & install.
    > I noted new targets:
    > binrpm-pkg [& rpm-pkg], and
    > tarbz2-pkg [& targz-pkg, & tar-pkg].
    > Both seem to fail either for reasons that appear to be related to
    > not honoring the "O=" param, or attempting to actually install into
    > the root of my build-machine.
    > Should these targets work or have they not yet been converted to work
    > within the "O=" framework? In cases where the Makefile is attempting
    > to install into "<Root>/boot" or "<Root>/lib/modules" ,should I
    > expect the output to appear in "$O/boot" and "$O/lib/modules/"?

    Look at the "deb" target for how this was fixed for building Debian
    (-style) packages.

    Specifically, you want to change:

    At a glance, I don't see a similar problem in the binrpm-pkg target, and
    I don't understand the rpm target at all, so those may have other

    I am, however, looking at 2.6.15-rc{something}, not 2.6.13, but I think
    it's been a while since Sam sent the deb packages fixes upstream.


    Ryan Anderson
    sometimes Pug Majere
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