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SubjectRe: Use enum to declare errno values
2005/12/3, Bill Davidsen <>:
> Coywolf Qi Hunt wrote:
> > This is a reason why enums are worse than #defines.
> >
> > Unlike in other languages, C enum is not much useful in practices.
> Actually they are highly useful if you know how to use them. They allow
> type checking, have auto increment, and are part of the language instead
> of a feature of the preprocessor.

Yes, I know type checking and auto increment. But they are not
worthwhile, at least not for serious C programming. No, I don't know
how to use them comfortably.

What's wrong with sorted macros? They are more flexible and readable.
enums just look weird. We also share macros b/w C and asm.

You words on language and preprocessor doesn't make any sense.
It's not a feature of the preprocessor, it's what cpp is for. Look, I
call it Cpp. Without this `feature', what would a C preprocessor do?
You've castrated cpp.

Follow you logic, C standard should only specify C language, not
anything of libc... I have no interest in arguing the relations b/w C
and cpp.

> > Maybe the designer wanted C to be as fancy as other languages? C
> > shouldn't have had enum imho. Anyway we don't have any strong motives
> > to switch to enums.
> The last sentence seems correct in spite of your misunderstanding of how
> and why enums are used and useful. Like a driver who mis-read a map
> wandering aimlessly and lost, you have come to the correct destination
> by accident.


> It would have been good to use enums in the first place, I can't see
> changing now because of the effort involved.

You contradict yourself rather.

Coywolf Qi Hunt
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