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    SubjectRe: -rc6 vs desktop use, desktop 0
    On Monday 19 December 2005 18:08, Gene Heskett wrote:
    >I tried to rebuild rc6 without the size optimizations, but that
    >resulted in some sort of a timer problem being logged at about 1
    >second intervals to the vt's.
    >I'm back in rc5 now, cause rc6 is best described as a dog for desktop
    >use, kmail freezes for 10 seconds at a time. rc5 does do that nearly
    >as bad.
    >Useing Con's scheduler as default in both cases.

    Humm, no comment from anyone so far. Do you need more data? i686
    (athlon) cpu, gig of ram, what else do you need?

    I could attach the .config I suppose. I did look to see if an option
    had been added to use the desktop/server versions of Cons newer
    patches, but its not visible in a make xconfig. Is this something
    thats going to be needed, or should I switch scheduelers?

    Cheers, Gene
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