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    SubjectLinux 2.6.15-rc6

    there it is.

    Slightly delayed by me being away for a week, and now Andrew is gone, but
    looking at the changes, they all seem to be pretty trivial, so we're on
    well track for doing the final 2.6.15 this year, I think. People have
    probably already started over-feeding with the holidays just around the

    The shortlog really says it all. Apart from some sparse annotations from
    Al, it's all random small things. But do give it a try, because Santa
    Claus has his CIA spooks checking y'all out, and naughty people don't get
    any of the loot.


    Adam Kropelin:
    hid-core: Zero-pad truncated reports

    Adrian Bunk:
    allow KOBJECT_UEVENT=n only if EMBEDDED
    drivers/base/memory.c: unexport the static (sic) memory_sysdev_class

    Al Viro:
    fix iomem annotations in sparc32 pcic code
    sparc: vfc __iomem annotations and fixes
    sparc: jsflash __user annotations
    sbus/char/uctrl: missing prototypes and NULL noise removal
    sparc/kernel/time: __iomem annotations
    sparc: NULL noise removal (ebus.c)
    sun4c_memerr_reg __iomem annotations
    arch/sparc/kernel/led.c __user annotations
    iscsi gfp_t annotations
    xfs: missing gfp_t annotations
    s2io: __iomem annotations for recent changes
    auerswald.c: %zd for size_t
    em28xx: %zd for size_t
    i386,amd64: mmconfig __iomem annotations
    i386,amd64: ioremap.c __iomem annotations
    cm4000_cs: __user annotations
    dell_rbu: NULL noise removal
    wdrtas.c: fix __user annotations
    cyber2000fb.c __iomem annotations
    arcfb __user annotations
    __user annotations (booke_wdt.c)
    missing prototype (mm/page_alloc.c)
    Address of void __user * is void __user * *, not void * __user *
    ia64 sn __iomem annotations
    dst_ca __user annotations, portability fixes
    arch/alpha/kernel/machvec_impl.h: C99 struct initializer
    drivers/atm/adummy.c NULL noise removal
    mwave: missing __user in ioctl struct declaration
    drivers/input/misc/wistron_btns.c NULL noise removal
    arch/powerpc/kernel/syscalls.c __user annotations
    ppc: booke_wdt compile fix
    ppc: ppc4xx_dma DMA_MODE_{READ,WRITE} fix

    Alan Stern:
    UHCI: add missing memory barriers

    Andi Kleen:
    x86_64: Make sure hpet_address is 0 when any part of HPET initialization fails
    i386/x86-64: Don't call change_page_attr with a spinlock held
    i386/x86-64 Fall back to type 1 access when no entry found
    i386/x86-64 Correct for broken MCFG tables on K8 systems
    x86_64: Fix 32bit thread coredumps
    PCI: Fix dumb bug in mmconfig fix

    Andreas Gruenbacher:
    ext3: fix mount options documentation

    Andreas Schwab:

    Andrew Morton:
    blkmtd: use clear_page_dirty()
    raw driver: Kconfig fix

    Andrew Vasquez:
    [SCSI] qla2xxx: Correct mis-handling of AENs.
    [SCSI] qla2xxx: Correct short-WRITE status handling.

    Antonino A. Daplas:
    fbcon: fix complement_mask() with 512 character map
    fbcon: Add ability to save/restore graphics state
    fbdev: Pan display fixes
    fbcon: Avoid illegal display panning
    fbdev: Shift pixel value before entering loop in cfbimageblit
    fbdev: Fix incorrect unaligned access in little-endian machines

    Arnaldo Carvalho de Melo:
    [TCPv6]: Fix skb leak

    Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz:
    ide-disk: flush cache after calling del_gendisk()
    ide: cleanup ide.h
    ide: cleanup ide_driver_t
    ide-cd: remove write-only cmd field from struct cdrom_info

    Ben Collins:
    i2o: Do not disable pci device when it's in use

    Benjamin Herrenschmidt:
    powerpc: Fix a huge page bug
    powerpc: Remove debug code in hash path
    powerpc: Fix clock spreading setting on some powermacs
    radeon drm: fix agp aperture map offset

    Brian King:
    [SCSI] fix double free of scsi request queue
    Fix SCSI scanning slab corruption

    Christoph Lameter:
    [IA64] Fix missing parameter for local_add/sub
    [IA64] Add __read_mostly support for IA64

    Daniel Drake:
    Fix listxattr() for generic security attributes
    via82cxxx IDE: Add VT8251 ISA bridge

    Daniel Jacobowitz:
    [ARM] 3205/1: Handle new EABI relocations when loading kernel modules.

    Dave Airlie:
    [drm] fix radeon aperture issue

    Dave C Boutcher:
    [SCSI] ibmvscsi kexec fix

    Dave Jones:
    [SERIAL] 8250_pci: Remove redundant assignment, and mark fallthrough.
    broken cast in parport_pc
    ACPI: fix sleeping whilst atomic warnings on resume

    David Gibson:
    powerpc: Add missing icache flushes for hugepages
    powerpc: Fix SLB flushing path in hugepage

    David S. Miller:
    [TCP] Vegas: timestamp before clone
    [AF_PACKET]: Convert PACKET_MMAP over to vm_insert_page().
    [SBUSFB]: Kill 'list' member from foo_par structs, totally unused.
    [IPV6] addrconf: Do not print device pointer in privacy log message.
    [PKT_SCHED]: Disable debug tracing logs by default in packet action API.

    Deepak Saxena:
    [ARM] 3191/1: Mark I/O pointer as const in __raw_reads[bwl]
    [ARM] 3199/1: Remove bogus function prototype from arch-pxa/irq.h

    Dipankar Sarma:
    add rcu_barrier() synchronization point

    Dmitry Torokhov:
    Input: fix an OOPS in HID driver

    Eric Dumazet:
    x86_64: Bug correction in populate_memnodemap()

    Hareesh Nagarajan:
    [SBUSFB] tcx: Use FB_BLANK_UNBLANK instead of magic constant.

    Haren Myneni:
    fix in __alloc_bootmem_core() when there is no free page in first node's memory
    [IA64-SGI] change default_sn2 to NR_CPUS==1024

    Herbert Xu:
    [GRE]: Fix hardware checksum modification

    Hiroki Kaminaga:
    [ARM] 3194/1: add pfn_to_kaddr macro for ARM take2

    Hugh Dickins:
    mips: setup_zero_pages count 1

    Ingo Molnar:
    add hlist_replace_rcu()

    Jack Steiner:
    [IA64] Limit the maximum NODEDATA_ALIGN() offset
    [IA64-SGI] Fix SN PTC deadlock recovery
    [IA64-SGI] Missed TLB flush

    James Bottomley:
    [SCSI] Consolidate REQ_BLOCK_PC handling path (fix ipod panic)

    Jean Delvare:
    radeon drm: fix compilation breakage with gcc 2.95.3

    Jeff Dike:
    uml skas0: stop gcc's insanity

    Jeff Garzik:
    [libata] mark certain hardware (or drivers) with a no-atapi flag
    [netdrvr skge] fix build

    Jeff Mahoney:
    reiserfs: skip commit on io error
    reiserfs: close open transactions on error path

    Jens Axboe:
    [SCSI] fix panic when ejecting ieee1394 ipod
    cciss: double put_disk()

    Jeremy Higdon:
    sgiioc4: check for no hwifs available

    Jes Sorensen:
    [IA64] uncached ref count leak

    Johannes Berg:
    ppc32: set smp_tb_synchronized on UP with SMP kernel

    John Hawkes:
    [IA64] disable preemption in udelay()

    John Keller:
    [IA64-SGI] altix: pci_window fixup

    John McCutchan:
    inotify: add two inotify_add_watch flags

    john stultz:
    x86_64: Fix collision between pmtimer and pit/hpet

    Jordan Crouse:
    ide: core modifications for AU1200
    ide: AU1200 IDE update

    Kazunori MIYAZAWA:
    [IPv6] IPsec: fix pmtu calculation of esp

    Keith Owens:
    [IA64] Allow salinfo_decode to detect signals on read
    [IA64] Define an ia64 version of __raw_read_trylock

    Keshavamurthy Anil S:
    kprobes: fix race in aggregate kprobe registration
    kprobes: no probes on critical path
    kprobes: increment kprobe missed count for multiprobes

    Knut Petersen:
    fbdev: fix switch to KD_TEXT, enhanced version

    Kyungmin Park:
    mtd onenand driver: check correct manufacturer
    mtd onenand driver: fix unlock problem in DDP
    mtd onenand driver: reduce stack usage
    mtd onenand driver: use platform_device.h instead device.h

    Linus Torvalds:
    Allow arbitrary shared PFNMAP's
    Remove (at least temporarily) the "incomplete PFN mapping" support
    Allow arbitrary read-only shared pfn-remapping too
    Revert revert of "[SCSI] fix usb storage oops"
    get_user_pages: don't try to follow PFNMAP pages
    Expose "Optimize for size" option for everybody
    Move size optimization option outside of EMBEDDED menu, mark it EXPERIMENTAL
    Make sure we copy pages inserted with "vm_insert_page()" on fork
    Linux v2.6.15-rc6

    Lothar Wassmann:
    [ARM] 3201/1: PXA27x: Prevent hangup during resume due to inadvertedly enabling MBREQ (replaces: 3198/1)

    Mao, Bibo:
    Kprobes: Reference count the modules when probed on it

    Marcelo Tosatti:
    [ARM SMP] mpcore_wdt bogus fpos check
    ide: MPC8xx IDE depends on IDE=y && BLK_DEV_IDE=y

    Marcus Sundberg:
    [NETFILTER]: ip_nat_tftp: Fix expectation NAT

    Mark A. Greer:
    i2c: Fix i2c-mv64xxx compilation error

    Mark Lord:
    [SCSI] Fix incorrect pointer in megaraid.c MODE_SENSE emulation
    libata-core.c: fix parameter bug on kunmap_atomic() calls

    Martin Waitz:
    [NET]: make function pointer argument parseable by kernel-doc

    Matt Domsch:
    ipmi: fix panic generator ID

    Matt Helsley:
    Add getnstimestamp function
    Add timestamp field to process events

    Matthew Wilcox:
    [SCSI] Negotiate correctly with async-only devices

    Mauro Carvalho Chehab:
    V4L/DVB (3087) fix analog NTSC for pcHDTV 3000
    V4L/DVB: (3086a) Whitespaces cleanups part 1
    V4L/DVB: (3086b) Whitespaces cleanups part 2
    V4L/DVB: (3086c) Whitespaces cleanups part 3
    V4L/DVB: (3086c) Whitespaces cleanups part 4
    V4L/DVB: (3151) I2C ID renamed to I2C_DRIVERID_INFRARED

    Michael Chan:
    [TG3]: Fix nvram arbitration bugs.
    [TG3]: Fix suspend and resume
    [TG3]: Fix 5704 single-port mode
    [TG3]: Fix low power state

    Michael Reed:
    [SCSI] fix OOPS due to clearing eh_action prior to aborting eh command

    Michal Ostrowski:
    powerpc/pseries: Fix TCE building with 64k pagesize
    Fix windfarm model-id table

    Mike Kravetz:
    powerpc/pseries: boot failures on numa if no memory on node

    Mike Miller:
    cciss: fix for deregister_disk

    Milton Miller:
    PCI express must be initialized before PCI hotplug

    md: fix a use-after-free bug in raid1
    md: use correct size of raid5 stripe cache when measuring how full it is

    Nicolas Pitre:
    input: fix ucb1x00-ts breakage after conversion to dynamic input_dev allocation

    Nikola Valerjev:
    [ARM] 3200/1: Singlestep over ARM BX and BLX instructions using ptrace fix

    Olaf Hering:
    powerpc: correct the NR_CPUS description text
    pcnet32: use MAC address from prom also on powerpc
    ieee80211_crypt_tkip depends on NET_RADIO

    Ole Reinhardt:
    fbdev: make pxafb more robust to errors with CONFIG_FB_PXA_PARAMETERS

    Olof Johansson:
    powerpc: remove redundant code in stab init
    powerpc: Set cache info defaults

    Pablo Neira Ayuso:
    [NETFILTER]: Fix incorrect argument to ip_nat_initialized() in ctnetlink

    Paolo 'Blaisorblade' Giarrusso:
    uml: arch/um/scripts/Makefile.rules - remove duplicated code
    uml - fix some funkiness in Kconfig

    Paolo Galtieri:
    IPMI oops fix

    Patrick McHardy:
    [NETFILTER]: Fix ip_conntrack_flush abuse in ctnetlink
    [NETFILTER]: Fix CTA_PROTO_NUM attribute size in ctnetlink
    [NETFILTER]: Mark ctnetlink as EXPERIMENTAL
    [NETFILTER]: Wait for untracked references in nf_conntrack module unload
    [NETFILTER]: Fix unbalanced read_unlock_bh in ctnetlink
    [NETFILTER]: Don't use conntrack entry after dropping the reference

    Paul Jackson:
    [SPARC]: atomic_clear_mask build fix
    [SPARC]: block/ needed in final image link

    Paul Mackerras:
    powerpc/pseries: Optimize IOMMU setup
    ppc: Build in all three of powermac, PREP and CHRP support

    Pekka J Enberg:
    uml: fix compile error for tt

    Pierre Ossman:
    [MMC] Proper check of SCR error code
    Add try_to_freeze to kauditd

    Ricardo Cerqueira:
    V4L/DVB: (3135) Fix tuner init for Pinnacle PCTV Stereo

    Rob Landley:
    uml: fix dynamic linking on some 64-bit distros

    Robin Holt:
    [IA64] Updates to the sn2_defconfig for 2.6.15.
    [IA64] Change SET_PERSONALITY to comply with comment in binfmt_elf.c.
    [IA64] fix for SET_PERSONALITY when CONFIG_IA32_SUPPORT is not set.

    Russell King:
    [ARM] Add memory.txt to 00-INDEX
    [MMC] Explain the internals of mmc_power_up()

    Salyzyn, Mark:
    dpt_i2o fix for deadlock condition

    Sascha Sommer:
    V4L/DVB: (3113) Convert em28xx to use vm_insert_page instead of remap_pfn_range

    Sergei Shtylylov:
    Au1550 AC'97 OSS driver spinlock fixes

    Shaohua Li:
    x86: fix NMI with CPU hotplug
    i386/x86-64 disable LAPIC completely for offline CPU

    Srivatsa Vaddagiri:
    Fix bug in RCU torture test
    Fix RCU race in access of nohz_cpu_mask

    Stefan Richter:
    ieee1394: resume remote ports when starting a host (fixes device recognition)
    ieee1394: write broadcast_channel only to select nodes (fixes device recognition)

    Stephen Hemminger:
    sk98lin: rx checksum offset not set
    [TG3]: remove warning on race
    [NET]: Fix NULL pointer deref in checksum debugging.
    skge: get rid of warning on race
    [VLAN]: Fix hardware rx csum errors

    Steven Whitehouse:
    [DECNET]: add memory buffer settings

    Thomas Young:
    [TCP] Vegas: stop resetting rtt every ack
    [TCP] Vegas: Remove extra call to tcp_vegas_rtt_calc

    Tony Luck:
    [IA64] refresh tiger_defconfig ready for 2.6.15
    [IA64] Split 16-bit severity field in sal_log_record_header

    Vojtech Pavlik:
    Dmitry Torokhov is input subsystem maintainer
    Input: ALPS - correctly report button presses on Fujitsu Siemens S6010

    Yasunori Goto:
    Fix Kconfig of DMA32 for ia64
    Fix calculation of grow_pgdat_span() in mm/memory_hotplug.c

    Yasuyuki Kozakai:
    [NETFILTER]: nf_conntrack: Fix missing check for ICMPv6 type
    [NETFILTER]: nfnetlink: Fix calculation of minimum message length

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