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    SubjectRe: USB rejecting sleep
    Hi Ben,

    > > > What exactly changed in the recent USB stacks that is causing it to
    > > > abort system suspend much more often ? I'm getting lots of user reports
    > > > with 2.6.15-rc5 saying that they can't put their internal laptops to
    > > > sleep, apparently because a driver doesn't have a suspend method
    > > > (internal bluetooth in this case).
    > >
    > > Which I hope _did_ generate a bug report to the maintainer of that
    > > bluetooth code. :)
    > I'm working on it :)

    did I mention that this driver really needs a rewrite :(

    It is full of ugly hacks around the URB structure. The use of the URBs
    for the bulk and isoc endpoints is not really how it should look like.
    It will consume USB bandwidth even if there are not active data or audio
    connections from this device. I am still curious that it is still
    working (except for suspend).



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