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    SubjectRe: [2.6 patch] i386: always use 4k stacks
    Cuma 16 Aralık 2005 00:04 tarihinde şunları yazmıştınız:
    > Lee Revell wrote:
    > >On Thu, 2005-12-15 at 14:46 -0700, Jeff V. Merkey wrote:
    > >>Lee Revell wrote:
    > >>>On Thu, 2005-12-15 at 14:07 -0700, Jeff V. Merkey wrote:
    > >>>>When you are on the phone with an irrate customer at 2:00 am in the
    > >>>>morning, and just turning off your broken 4K stack fix
    > >>>>and getting the customer running matters.
    > >>>
    > >>>Bugzilla link please. Otherwise STFU.
    > >>
    > >>??????
    > >>
    > >>Jeff
    > >
    > >You imply that your customer's problem was due to a kernel bug triggered
    > >by CONFIG_4KSTACKS. I am asking you to provide a link to the bug report
    > >or get lost.
    > >
    > >Lee
    > You hack on this code base (hack is the right word) -- I sell it,
    > service and support it with customers in a dozen countries. I don't report
    > company level issues in "bugzilla" or anywhere else public unless they
    > apply to kernel code. calls from several of our apps (which use
    > larger than 4K kernel space on a stack) from user space crash -- so do
    > wireless drivers -- and kdb crashes as well with some bugs with 4K stacks
    > turned on when you are trying to debug something.
    > Hope that addresses your concerns "joe job".

    You are supposed to report those bugs in a manner it won't conflict with the
    privacy of your customer(s). Linux distros do this already.

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