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    SubjectRe: Geode LX HW RNG Support
    Andrew Morton wrote:
    > "Jordan Crouse" <> wrote:
    >>>Should all the Geode additions to hw_random.c be inside __i386__, like VIA?
    >>I thought that a early version did that and somebody took exception to
    >>it, but I can't find any e-mails to that effect right now. Obviously,
    >>the defines are only useful when you have a Geode CPU (and thus a x86_32),
    >>so if nobody complains, I think that would be fine.
    > Fair enough. Please send an update sometime.
    > We might as well do s/__i386__/X86_32/ throughout that file - bit pointless
    > but it's a little bit more idiomatic.

    What about the rng rewrite recently posted? Any opinions on that?

    I lean towards applying it, long term, but IIRC there were problems that
    prevented immediate merge.


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