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SubjectRe: tp_smapi conflict with IDE, hdaps
On Maw, 2005-12-13 at 18:04 +0200, Shem Multinymous wrote:
> > What else does that code do, what else might it confuse, what rules and
> > locking are hidden in the windows driver that are unknown. Want to risk
> > everyones data for that ?
> We already take that risk to some degree, since the SMAPI BIOS is also
> invoked by the ACPI DSDT and by external events.

But the ACPI DSDT is OS independant in theory and in practice to a fair
extent. It can't make assumptions about windows drivers.

> > HDAPS doesn't need it btw.
> It's not implemented yet, but I gather it's necessary for preventing
> the disk from spinning back up as the laptop slides off the table.
> Maybe I missed some subsequent discussion?

HDAPS wants to be able to talk with the IDE/libata layer to request it
to hold off requests, thats very different to "gee I wonder what the
bios did"

> You write "command" values into IO ports 0x1610 and 0x161F and, in
> some cases, read some results from ports 0x1610-0x161F. Throughout
> that, you inspect various bits (whose meaning we don't understand) in
> the status port 0x1604. The details of the commands, scheduling and
> status bits differ between the drivers. I don't think a full-blown
> ownership and expansion infrastructure is necessary, or even possible
> without better understanding.


> Thanks for the pointers. I guess the minimal approach is probably
> ideal here; are there any such dumb drivers lying around?

Its probably easier to write than go find one

I mean you need

tp_hw_init() {
if (not a thinkpad) return -ENODEV
return 0

tp_hw_exit() {


tp_hw_lock() {

tp_hw_unlock() {

/* And perhaps if the port varies by machine */


tp_hw_addr() {
return 0x1600;

It can really be that simple

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