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SubjectRe: tsc clock issues with dual core and question about irq balancing
Hi John,

>> I'm currently testing the system with "nosmp noapic acpi=off
>> clock=tsc" (it was losing interrupts and wouldn't boot properly
>> with apic/acpi on) and so far everything seems to work (this
>> includes ssh and desktop usage is better).
> So keeping the above settings, does removing just the "clock=tsc"
> cause the sluggishness to appear?

I just tried booting with the pmtmr enabled and incoming ssh is bad
(I had an ls pause for over 20 seconds, while another connection was
somewhat fine). I wish I had more concrete tests since the problems
I'm seeing are so subjective. I guess I'll have to ignore this
problem until I get a better test.

> Also would you open a bugzilla bug on this and attach your .config
> and dmesg?



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