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Subject[PATCH 000/003] Remove getnstimestamp()
	This series removes the getnstimestamp() function from kernel/time.c in
favor of kernel/hrtimer.c's ktime_get_ts() function which currently does
exactly the same thing: retrieves a high-resolution (ns) timespec
structure and performs the wall_to_monotonic adjustment.

As Jay Lan suggested I was going to replace calls to getnstimestamp()
with do_posix_clock_monotonic_gettime() but the hrtimer patches switched
that to a macro. ktime_get_ts() is shorter and avoids unnecessary
association with posix timers (though it does not emphasize monotonicity
or resolution).

The series:

001/003 export-ktime_get_ts.patch
Exports ktime_get_ts()

002/003 proc-events-use-ktime-for-timestamp.patch
Switches the only user of getnstimestamp() to ktime_get_ts()

003/003 rm-getnstimestamp.patch
Remove getnstimestamp() from kernel/time.c

-Matt Helsley

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