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    SubjectRe: [PATCH/RFC] SPI: add DMAUNSAFE analog to David Brownell's core
    On Tuesday 13 December 2005 8:53 am, Vitaly Wool wrote:
    > this patch removes nasty buffer allocation in spi core for sync message transfers.

    That's not "core" in the normal "everyone must use this" sense.
    Even the folk that do use synchronous transfers aren't always
    going to use that particular codepath.

    Neither is it "remove" in the normal sense either. The hot
    path never had an allocation before ... but it could easily
    have one now, because that sort of bounce-buffer semantic is
    what a DMA_UNSAFE flag demands from the lower levels. (That's
    a key part part of the proposed change that's not included in
    this patch... making the chage look much smaller.)

    How much of the reason you're arguing for this is because you
    have that WLAN stack that does some static allocation for I/O
    buffers? Changing that to use dynamic allocation -- the more
    usual style -- should be easy. But instead, you want all code
    in the SPI stack to need to worry about two different kinds of
    I/O memory: the normal stuff, and the DMA-unsafe kind. Not
    just this WLAN code which for some reason started out using
    a nonportable scheme for allocating I/O buffers.

    It'd take a lot more persuasion to make me think that's a good
    idea. That's the kind of subtle confusion that really promotes
    hard-to-find bugs in drivers, and lots of developer confusion.
    And all that to support a new less-portable I/O buffer model...

    It's way better to just insist that all I/O buffers (in all
    generic APIs) be DMA-safe. AFAICT that's a pretty standard
    rule everywhere in Linux.

    - Dave

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