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    SubjectRe: New Linux Development Model
    Hi, posting from the outside so, no nice quotes and stuff.

    Anyways, I was also miffed that the kernel folks merged a 'ancient'
    version of ipw2200 and ieee802.11, if they had merged something more
    current everything would have worked out of the box and all the cleanups
    would have been easier to cope with. Ie, the intel ppl could release
    straight patches to the in kernel version. I dunno if they have changed
    the way their driver works now.

    Atm, the 'ancient' ieee802.11 is what breaks the ipw2200 build. So,
    basically all testing of cutting edge kernels gets very tedious due to
    the ieee802.11 package removing the offending .h file and making
    reversing -gitX and applying -gitY a real PITA.

    Also, I dunno if it says what version of the firmware it should have...

    Anyways, current state of ipw2200 is sad, and ieee802.11 is more
    developed out of tree. So imho at least ieee802.11 should be merged more
    closely and then generalized if needed (i think i saw some patches like
    that) and preferably ipw2200 should be merged as well.

    This b0rkage has actually kept me from using wlan AND testing

    PS. Above, wrt merging, i assume that the API isn't quite 'stable' and
    that changing any drivers using them should be simple and

    stable as in, used all over and require major rewrites to change =)

    PPS. Why merge a outdated version of a driver/protocol/thingy at all?

    Ian Kumlien <pomac () vapor ! com> --
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