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SubjectRe: Am I thinking correctly?
On 11/7/05, <> wrote:
> Kernel Version: 2.6.13
> The API will be used, but I am using a simple xor to test with.
> The data is getting written to disk, but NOT the buffer I'm sending to submit_bh(). It is writing the buffers from the page I copied???
> No messages. I just do the following:
> mount the filesystem
> cd to it's root
> cp foo foo2
> sync
> (at this point everything looks fine)
> cd ..
> umount the filesystem
> mount the filesystem
> cd to it's root
> cat foo2 (which is now the wrong data)

Have you tried your code by writing the data with-out performing any
operation on data (like xor) ? This will tell you whether your
__block_write_full_page is working fine or not because you will get
exactly the same data as of the original file !

And are you also taking care of write operation other than
address_space_operations->writepages ? Because there is also
file_operations->write which ext3 is assgining do_sync_write
(, so are you
handling this too ?

> I'll attach the code tonight when I have access to it.

That will be much better !

And Please Don't do Top-Posting !

Fawad Lateef
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